Top 5 Septic Treatments Reviewed

Septic Treatments Reviewed

The process of reviewing septic treatments is not one of small commitment.  As homeowners ourselves, we understand the importance of value.  We do not live on limitless budgets and we need to make sure the money we spend counts.  With that basic principal in mind we set out to determine what the Top 5 Best Septic Treatments were.  We established a set of criteria by which we would compare each product.  By taking the time to test each septic treatment on real life septic situations, we were able to evaluate them accurately and honestly.

If you are a homeowner with a septic system, cesspool or any other individual waste water system, this article is a must read to help you protect your home against the rising epidemic of clogged septic systems.  In today’s society, with cleaners, detergents and consumption in general way up, ignoring your septic system will only lead to large problems down the road.

Here is our list of criteria for rating our Top 5 Septic Treatments.

A.)  Effectiveness.  There are many products on the market that simply don’t work.  In order to deserve our recommendation, we wanted a product that would deliver the results that homeowners need.

B.) Value.  Not only must the septic treatment work, it needed to be priced competitively and fairly.  What does a homeowner get for their money?

C.) Easy to Use.  Homeowners vary in gender, age and strength.  We wanted a septic treatment that would allow any homeowner to use it without additional assistance.

D.) Versatility.  Septic Tanks vary in age and condition as does the climate for many homeowners.  We wanted a product that could be used by ANY homeowner for ANY septic tank, regardless of condition.

With these 4 Rules in place, we compared and rated some of the most visible Septic Tank Treatments on the market.  Taking brands from both retail stores as well as online suppliers, we compiled this following list of the Top 5 Septic Treatments.


Our Best Septic Treatments


1.) SeptiCleanse Septic Treatments.  The SeptiCleanse Septic Shock and Maintenance programs were more than competitively priced, they were down-right affordable, considering the overall value.  Their “shock” system was simply amazing.  It was far more effective than the leading brands we tested.  Its granular formula was potent, but very easy to administer and safe to handle.   SeptiCleanse has made septic system maintenance user friendly, but still delivers industrial grade bacteria that gets to work instantly.

We especially liked that SeptiCleanse offered consumers choices. Not all septic systems problems can be treated with a “one size fits all” treatment.  The age of a system, along with history of care administered by the homeowners can play large roles in what a septic system needs or does not need.  SeptiCleanse allows consumers to choose what is best for their particular needs AND what is the best option for their budgets.  If you are new to septic tank maintenance, SeptiCleanse makes the process easy to understand, and delivers the powerful treatment your septic system needs.

Read our entire review of SeptiCleanse here.

Visit the SeptiCleanse Official Website.




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