Cesspool Treatment


Cesspool Treatment – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

One form of a septic system is called a cesspool. These are considered a bit more complicated to some professionals because of the design and placement of the actual tank. A cesspool is generally just a pit and it has holes similar to the pipes of the drain field both using perforation.

A cesspool does not work like a septic tank. In fact, if you use a cesspool at a residential area, you should consider changing to a more efficient septic tank system or truly take the time to find the proper septic treatment for your cesspool. Depending on where you live or may be moving to, it is possible that a cesspool is heavily regulated or possibly not allowed. It does work for what it is designed to do it just is an older fashion that has fallen into certain negative statistical categories. Read more…

Septic Systems: What Pros Will Not Tell You

Septic Systems Professionals Won’t Tell You

You have a septic systems and what bothers you the most is that the professional who pumps it is not giving you a clear idea of what to do during those gaps of time periods in between visits. That is what we are here for. We want to provide you the information that will answer all questions a professional does not want to tell you.

Getting your septic systems pumped is necessary and the right thing to do to keep your system running properly. You do not need to spend the money three to four times a year for a professional visit when you may be able to cut it that in half. It’s easy to understand why professionals who get paid a large sum of money to pump your system do not give advice or fully answer the question “Is there a septic treatment product that will help me maintain my system in between pumps?” The answer is better than you could have hoped for. You as a homeowner or caretaker of a property, did the right thing to protect your most valued investment. Read more…

Drain Field Restoration Tips

Drain Field Restoration Tips

Your drain field  is at risk each day that goes by that you do not treat it properly. Avoid high maintenance costs and trips from the plumbers and treat your septic system on your own. Your drain field will thank you. Finding the proper treatment is as easy as figuring out how often this natural process has to occur for your home to run smoothly. You already know these answers without realizing it.

Your family uses water every day and your septic system has to run its course. From removing waste within the house to pushing it out of the drain field. This process is done in order to avoid back-up inside the home. The waste flows from each drain attached to the house and flows out of the drain field after it breaks down inside the septic tank. Bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of solid waste. and sometimes needs a boost to help it out. You want to keep this natural process occurring as often as it needs. Read more…

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