Rid X Septic Treatment Review

RID X Septic Treatment Review

When it comes to septic treatments, RID X Septic Treatment is certainly the brand that most consumers identify the most with.  Perhaps it is because it is located in many of the normal stores we visit regularly, or perhaps it is just the years of television and magazine advertisement has consumers running to solve all septic problems by starting with Rid X.  Since the number of people who purchase RID X Septic Treatment is overwhelming, we thought that putting a review of the product here on our little website could possible shed some light onto consumers regarding the performance of RID X when it actually comes to solving your septic problems.

There are a number ways in which you can purchase RID X Septic Treatment.  You can get a granular treatment and you can get a liquid treatment.  While ultimately it is up to you, we generally recommend granular treatments as it takes away the concerns of normal household water consumption rendering the treatment ineffective.

The RID X website is clearly professional and helps the customer a bit.  It does not contain nearly as much information as many of the other websites out there, but then again, perhaps with its brand name, it is only necessary to mention the price and consumers will still buy.

As industry experts, there are many things that concern us about homeowners using RID X Septic Treatment, however one thing we did like was the ability for homeowners to have it billed and shipped to them monthly, automatically.  Not only does this serve as a fantastic monthly reminder to treat your septic system, it also makes investing in septic treatment much easier financially, by spreading it out over the months rather than one lump sum today.

The main concern we have with RID X Septic Treatment is the fact that homeowners tend to feel like by using RID X their septic system is going to be restored without question.  That is not necessarily the case.  It is only a monthly treatment, and RID X does not offer a potent enough treatment to restore clogged systems.  It should only serve as a preventative measure, at least in our opinion.  If you have a clogged septic system, then perhaps you are better off looking at some of our more powerful options, including our best septic treatment.


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