Clogged Septic System – Tips to Fix

Clogged Septic System – Tips to Fix

For many people, repairing a clogged septic system is as simple as making a phone call.  For these people, cost is of no object.  Spending thousands of dollars annually on pumping and repairs seems fair, and much easier than having to actually do it themselves.  Long term septic tank failure doesn’t matter, as long as things keep running smoothly today.  If you fit into this category, then you can stop reading.  This article is for the DIY readers.  The people who understand the value of a dollar, and that finding a less expensive alternative today, can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars down the road. 

Fixing your clogged septic system begins with assessing the damage that is occurring.  Start by trying to identify the age of the septic system.  For many of you this is easy, you have a newer home, or have owned the home since it was built.  For others, however, it may be much more of a guessing game.  Essentially, we are trying to identify how old the system is and what type of care and maintenance it has been given over the years.

Once we have an idea of what we are looking at, we can begin to take the necessary steps of fixing our clogged septic system.  With older systems, we recommend finding a granular shock treatment to jump start the treatment, and then follow up with regular monthly maintenance.  Newer systems may be able to avoid the septic shock and just use the monthly program, however if you are researching a clogged septic system, you may need to consider treating your system to the shock anyway.

Finding the right treatment is really not all that difficult.  You want to find a granular shock and maintenance program, so you can essentially rule out any company that offers liquid treatments.  This most likely means, that you will have to do your shopping online, rather than in your local stores.  To be honest we recommend that anyway, as there are far more options to choose from and much better pricing to be found online.

The flip side is that you can also come across some shady operators online.  Not that they are a scam or trying to rip you off, but they may be some old couple mixing chemicals in their basement and selling it to you for hundreds of dollars.  While there is no fool proof way of identifying these companies, it is best to make sure the website looks professional and that you find mention of their products on other consumer advocacy websites such as this one.  A legitimate company will have testimonials out there, someone will have reviewed the product, it is just how the internet works.

Once you have identified the company that you feel comfortable with and you have made sure you are purchasing a granular shock treatment and a granular monthly maintenance program, you are almost done.  All that remains is to administer the treatment as directed by the company.  The best septic treatments will come in flushable packets, shocks too.  A simple flush of the toilet, or mixing and pouring down the sink is all that will remain between you and an unclogged septic system.  Furthermore, often times companies will offer homeowners the chance to have their septic maintenance automatically delivered to them either montly or quarterly or annually.  We often recommend this approach to maintenance, simply because it helps act as a reminder.  As we said, it is not the most difficult project to do yourself, and you will be amazed at how much it saves you in the long run.  Just use some common sense, and take advantage of the consumer tools out there on the internet and you will be fine.


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