Choosing the Right Septic Treatment

Choosing the Right Septic Treatment for Your System

Anyone can walk into the local hardware store and purchase a run of the mill septic treatment, but how do you know if its the right one for your particular problem?  Like most things in life, not all septic treatments are created equally.  If your septic system has become sluggish and you are looking to take steps to prevent the expense of replacing the drain field, you want to be sure you are choosing the right product.  Our experts walk you through a basic outline of checks to help you determine which type of treatment is right for you.

First thing you want to do is gather some basic information about your system.  This is not always possible on older homes which may have changed hands a few times over the years.  What is important is to get a handle on how old the septic system is or how old it may be.  Older systems experience wear and tear, it is a waste processing system, it stands to say that gunk and sludge come with the territory.  When you stack 10,15 or even 30 years of living into a system, don’t be surprised if its a bit dirty and in need of maintenance.  Remember on a long enough time line, all septic system leach or drain fields are going to fail, unless proper maintenance is taken.  

Now that you have an idea of the age of your septic system, you need to examine the problems you are having a bit closer.  Many times a homeowner will flush the toilet, have a back up and run directly to the hardware store to buy a product without taking the time to examine other contributing factors.  First, what has the weather been like?  If the weather has been wet or rainy, bio mat in the drain field will absorb moisture and slow down septic drainage significantly.  Secondly, how much water had been consumed in the home shortly before the back up occurred?  Was this the first water used in the home in hours?  Or have there been two showers and 3 loads of laundry done?  You get the point.   If bio mat is present in the drain field, it needs to be addressed.  Rain can cause the symptom to occur, as can large amounts of water consumption in the home.  Examine the contributing factors, many time the story they are telling you indicates you should be treating the drain field with a septic shock treatment, rather than the tank with a septic maintenance treatment.  So pump the breaks, think about when the problems occur and what was going on that day BEFORE you buy a septic treatment.

Review a Septic Treatment Buyers Guide

The vast majority of times the problem lies in the drain field.  Floating particles of waste have made their way into the drain area and collected where the liquid meets the soil  Acting like a natural filter the soil collects this organic matter, called bio mat, begins to accumulate.  After a few years this can begin to close off some of the perforations in the drain line pipe.  Fast forward a few more years and a majority of the perforations have become clogged and your ability to drain liquid has been severely impacted.  A store bought septic treatment is far to mild to reverse this, and a more powerful septic treatment is needed.

Examine the internet for products, options and reviews.  Read, review and consider your options carefully.  Some treatments cost more than others, some are more effective than others.  Choose wisely, keeping in mind that both budget AND need should be a part of the decision making process.



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