Cesspool Treatment


Cesspool Treatment – the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

One form of a septic system is called a cesspool. These are considered a bit more complicated to some professionals because of the design and placement of the actual tank. A cesspool is generally just a pit and it has holes similar to the pipes of the drain field both using perforation.

A cesspool does not work like a septic tank. In fact, if you use a cesspool at a residential area, you should consider changing to a more efficient septic tank system or truly take the time to find the proper septic treatment for your cesspool. Depending on where you live or may be moving to, it is possible that a cesspool is heavily regulated or possibly not allowed. It does work for what it is designed to do it just is an older fashion that has fallen into certain negative statistical categories.

Regardless the cesspool is designed to do a job and can get it done, you just need to have the proper treatment. The cesspool is connected to a pipe that runs from your home and what the cesspool or cesspit is designed for is to receive and hold the sewage. The sewage is now sitting in the cesspool, made of concrete with holes. These holes are where most of the liquid formed waste or black water will absorb into the land around the cesspool. You could call these holes in your cesspool perforated holes. The rest of the will flow to the bottom of the pit and absorb through the ground once it passes remaining solids. It really has no place to go.  A cesspool really can’t help itself from building up waste overtime and causing some type of disturbance inside the home. Proper treatment and maintenance is extremely important for cesspools and truthfully the number reason one why is safety.

When treating your cesspool keep in mind you are not only protecting your home water supply and preventing possible malfunctions in the home like clogged toilets, sinks, or any type of over flow.  Your keeping your cesspool from affecting the outside area which surrounds it. This can become very costly if someone has to tear up that lawn where the cesspool is it may even have to be blocked off.   Treat your cesspool whether you are going to keep it. It gets the job done and will save you substantial money and aggravation.

Treatment and maintenance for your cesspool is truly necessary.  You have to find the most affordable treatment option available. Make sure the treatment you choose strives on its formula, and is compounded of bacteria and enzymes. Bacteria are what helps a cesspool be as efficient as it was designed to be. So adding more bacteria, which helps waste break down in the first place is very important. The enzymes give a nice boost to the bacteria depending on how it was formulated. But a strong bacteria and enzyme treatment and maintenance will treat your cesspool. Giving you an advantage in avoiding high costs to replace to the cesspool, or if you have to by law then treat it so you can keep your home safe until you have to replace it, most of all septic treatment can be used for many designs. So no matter what the situation is with your cesspool keep it running smoothly and use proper treatment and maintenance.


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