Clogged Septic System Treatments Compared

Clogged Septic Problems is a headache nobody wants to deal with. The foul septic smell and the back-ups, not to mention the cost of repairing clogged septic systems, drain fields or whatever other septic system problem you may be having. Often times, homeowners with a clogged septic system will instinctively pick up the phone and call a septic contractor, without even taking the time to research, or understand that there are many other alternatives to remedy a clogged septic system.

If you have a clogged septic system, take the time to research the available options BEFORE you call a contractor. Often times the money you spend on a contractor visit costs more than many of the leading septic system treatments do. Naturally, there are certain problems that require a septic contractor, but before you rush into spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily, take a few minutes to examine ALL of your options. Being a more informed consumer levels the playing field, and helps prevent unnecessary clogged septic system repairs.

Remember each septic treatment is designed to do different things, and every septic system is in slightly different condition.  What we are saying is that the right option for you depends on your needs, wants and expectations as well as what the products are capable, and not capable of doing.  Take some time, review our Consumer Resources Section.  there is a great deal of information there if you take the time to review it.

Our Experts Name SeptiCleanse Septic Treatment Our Top Rated Septic Treatment.


 SeptiCleanse Septic Treatment is The Best Septic Treatment Solution. Ranking Septic Treatments is always difficult due to the fact that certain treatments are designed to unclog drain fields, and others are preventative steps. We wanted to put an emphasis on drain field problems and unclogging septic systems. Most time ours readers come looking for recommendations and information, they are dealing with a problem, for that reason, we wanted out Best Septic Treatment award to go to the brand that was the most effective treatment for problematic systems. We found that SeptiCleanse Septic Treatment simply out-performed the competition, not only in the overall effectiveness of the treatment, but in the speed in which it was accomplished. We have been in the industry for over 35 years and to be honest, we were a bit shocked at just how quickly this stuff went to work. What made SeptiCleanse really stand out to us, was that contrary to many of the other companies on the market, they are not trying to force 2,3 or 5 year supplies down your throat. Instead offering consumers 1,3,6 or 12 month supplies to choose from. We found that their powerful shocks come in a handy, granular, flushable packet that any homeowner could use. We were quite impressed with SeptiCleanse, from their “make sense” approach to septic treatment, to the ability for consumers to pick and choose from a number of options to see which one fits their specific needs, the best.  

You can read our full review of SeptiCleanse Septic Treatment  or visit the official SeptiCleanse website.  

 Because each homeowners situation can be different, there are a wide variety of septic treatments to meet an even larger variety of problems.  Be sure to thoroughly research the situation before jumping to any decisions.  Often times with a bit more understanding you are able to make far better purchase decisions in the long run.  We hope you find the information here on our website helpful in your search.  

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